The first step in the ordering process is to schedule a tasting/consultation.

Due to the current climate in relation to COVID-19 Tastings are not being conducted face  to face. An online call can be arranged and your tasting box will be carefully prepared and packaged for you to enjoy at your home.


The tasting cakes will give you a sense of my cake-making "style", which is never too sweet and often a bit adventurous, but you are not limited to what you try.  I take every opportunity to try new foods myself, so requests are more than welcome. Gluten free and egg-free requests are catered for.

My tasting boxes are £60 with no less than six combinations and enough for two to share.

Surcharges apply to second tastings.

I would love to hear something personal about you and your event….and please include the following information:

- Date of your event
- Venue
- Anticipated number of guests
- What are your favourite things/concepts/items

- What connects you most to your fiancé?

- How did you meet?